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#freemahler - what the earth tells us


More than a hundred years ago, Gustav Mahler vividly described the beauty of nature through his music - a beauty that, in another hundred years, is at risk of being lost to drastic changes induced by man-made climate change.

The Stegreif Orchestra presents Mahler's melodies from Symphonies Nos. 1, 3 and 10, the Song of the Earth and the Wunderhorn songs, among others, with an improvisational lightness. As with Mahler, this lightness is juxtaposed with aspects of transience and destruction. Four composition teams with different musical languages were commissioned to each arrange one movement for this work. The programme is not based on a single classical work, but contains references to different works by Gustav Mahler, which are, however, united by the common theme of nature. The result is a multifaceted reflection of Mahler's musical world with contemporary themes.

Climate change affects the existence of all humans, as well as their health and nutrition. It permanently destroys farms, causes droughts and drives mass extinction. Scientists all over the world are dealing with the causes and consequences of climate change - solutions are being developed, with international initiatives drawing attention to them. With this programme, we as artists are asking ourselves: how can we, through music, make our contribution to encouraging critical thinking, shaking things up and stimulating a change in consciousness?


Artistic Director
Juri de Marco

Musical Director
Franziska Aller

Viola Schmitzer

Costume Design
Sophie Schliemann

1st Movement: Arrangement #1
Sebastian Caspar
based on 1st Symphony

2nd Movement: Ablösung im Sommer
Malte Schiller
based on 3rd Symphony and Des Knaben Wunderhorn

3rd Movement: Your Majesty, Earth
Franziska Aller & Alistair Duncan
based on 10th Symphony

4th Movement: Arrangement #2
Sebastian Caspar
based on 1st Symphony

5th Movement: Eure Kinder wären aus bloßem Feuer mit Messern als Finger
Claas Krause
based on various Mahler pieces

Trailer #freemahler | YouTube-Kanal von Stegreif
rbb24, 23.11.2020

»The varied evening liberates Mahler, showing the modern artistic potential of this composer, whose works are interpreted symphonically, but also get along with jazz and rock. Such stylistic surprises performed with this perfection are a characteristic of the young ensemble, which is composed of excellent musicians.«


#freemahler - what the earth tells us was premiered as an interactive online concert as part of the #made-to-measure series, funded by: Die Beauftragte der Regierung für Kultur und Medien.