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Neue Lieder von der Erde

Imagining Gustav Mahler's work anew

Gustav Mahler's LIED VON DER ERDE is considered European classical music’s testimony to a world that has become fragile. Today, Mahler's orchestral song cycle is set in a world in which artists of all countries and languages have to deal with global environmental destruction and war. But instead of bidding farewell to this world, we want to consider Mahler's work further: How could such a "Lied" sound today and who could sing it?

In workshops spread throughout the year, musicians from the Neuköllner Oper and Stegreif develop a stage work based on original compositions, poetry and performances that serve as the basis for new songs, music and scenes. This work, combined with further collaboration with authors from the project "WeiterSchreiben", the Haus für Poesie and experts from the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde and the Institute for Transformative Sustainability Research Potsdam, a new work is being created.

With musicians from the Stegreif Orchester and the Neuköllner Oper:
The Darvish, Isabel Wamig, Justus Wilcken and the musicians of the Stegreif Orchester: Leon Albert/Fritz Bayer, Júlia Real Babi, Anne-Sophie Bereuter, Sebastian Casper, Núria Rodríguez Díaz, Nikola Djurica, Alistair Duncan, Fabian Engwicht, Leonie Flaksman, Anne Fliegel, Svea Guémy, Luca Höhmann, Nina Kazourian, Sebastian Lange, Paul Lapp, Valerie Leopold, Elisabet Iserte López/Tabea Schrenk, Magdalena Lorenz, Bartosz Nowak, Mon Puo, Antonio Rivero, Hiromu Seifert, Sebastian Steinhilber

Foto: NKO


Musical directors
Helena Montag
Nicola Djurica

Franziska Aller, Bertram Burkert, Alistair Duncan, Sebastian Lange, Paul Lapp, Valerie Leopold, Nikola Djurica, Núria Rodríguez Díaz, Hiromu Seifert, Anne Willem

Abdalrahman Alqalaq, Daniela Danz, Widad Nabi, Sabine Scho, Sam Zamrik

Sommer Ulrickson

Sabrina Rossetto

Mireia Vila Soriano

Änne-Marthe Kühn
Bernhard Glocksin

Musical rehearsal
Insa Bernds
Richard Schwennicke


Neue Lieder von der Erde is supported by:

In cooperation with:

Neuköllner Oper Berlin, Haus der Poesie, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde, Institut für transformative Nachhaltigkeitsforschung Potsdam