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symphony of change

symphony of change

Hildegard von Bingen
to Clara Schumann
Sounds of Sustainability

What is the change in you, in me, in all of us? Shifting between social responsibility and individual hope, Stegreif Orchestra presents the symphony of change, as the conclusion of the #bechange series. It focuses on the interplay between music and sustainability and develops a musical invitation to contribute towards the change that is necessary for addressing the big challenges of our time.

Bild: Navina Neuschl

Trailer symphony of change | Youtube-Kanal von Stegreif

In the symphony of change, Stegreif asks itself what this change sounds like. The orchestra spans the musical arc of four female composers and periods of an underappreciated musical history: from Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), Wilhelmine von Bayreuth (1709-1785), Emilie Mayer (1812-1883) to Clara Schumann (1819-1896). Stegreif gives these voices a new resonance by recomposing selected works of these historical female composers by five young female members of the orchestra. Between Bingen's ordo virtutum, Bayreuth's opera Argenore, Schumann's Klavierromanze and Mayer's 7th symphony, emerges a performance that creates a new common thread in music history and, with it, breaks through the genre boundaries between jazz, classical, contemporary and improvised music.


artistic lead
Juri de Marco & Lorenz Blaumer

project lead
Immanuel de Gilde

recomposition & arrangement
Tabea Schrenk, Nina Kazourian, Julia Biłat, Helena Montag, Franziska Aller

musical lead
Nikola Djurica

co-artistic lead composition
Alistair Duncan

direction and choreography
David Fernández

Lea Hladka

Vito Walter & Arnaud Poumarat

stage & costume
Anja Kreher

Dramaturgical collaboration
Catriona Fadke

But musical change always takes place in the context of social change. The symphony of change recognises this fact by prominently weaving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into the events on and off stage. For example, in line with goal 5 of gender equality, only female composers can be heard throughout the project. But goals such as high-quality education, poverty reduction, industrial innovation and sustainable consumption are also targeted and realised through workshops with social institutions, sustainable production processes and political cooperation in employment alongside the stage.

The Stegreif Orchestra puts the most pressing change of our time, climate change, centre stage through its artistic exploration of the elements of nature and water. The everyday rippling is interrupted abruptly by the sounds of war, blind destruction and ... music. Because with the symphony of change, we realise that we have to change before it is no longer possible.

The symphony of change unfolds its greatest radiance when we make music, listen and act together - in the middle of the audience, between you and me. Stegreif deliberately places the last of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the end of its #bechange series and asks directly: Are you a partner in achieving these goals? Are we shaping change together?


#bechange wird gefördert von: Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien



16 workshops - 4 premieres - 1 symphony of change. Four female composers shape a programme that engages with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A symphony of change is created together with people from all 16 German states.

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