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The stage is open for all of us

"Symphony" means to make something sound together - and that is exactly what the 30 young, cross-genre musicians of the Stegreif Orchester do in #freebrahms. The starting point for the re-composition of Brahms' 3rd Symphony is the orchestra’s own voice - metaphorically and literally, because #freebrahms begins and ends with singing. Spanning four 15-minute movements whose sounds range from rock and Balkan music, meditative soundscapes and ballads to salsa rhythms, the symphony also features the electric guitar, drumset and saxophone alongside the typical orchestral instruments.

Esslinger Zeitung, 01.05.2018

»#freebrahms is a brilliantly successful balancing act, free and adventurous, peppered with great ideas and a successful mix of performance, staging and improvisation.«

Live on stage, moving freely through the concert hall, played from memory and without a conductor, a performance emerges that breaks down the boundaries between composition and improvisation and between performers and listeners. The whole room evolves into one big stage on which the audience is free to wander around, to let themselves be moved by the music and to dance along.

Foto: Roman Novitzky


Artistic Director and Recomposition
Juri de Marco

Musical Director
Sebastian Caspar

Director, Choreography
Ela Baumann

Director, Choreography
Viola Schmitzer

Alistair Duncan

Wolf Kerschek

Project Manager
Lea Hladka

Communications Manager
Catriona Fadke

Office Manager
Ronja Ruppert

Trailer #freebrahms | Stegreif YouTube-Channel
DIE ZEIT, 25.04.2018

»Even if the music departs briefly into completely different spheres, the old Brahms remains very present. His rhythms, his melodies and his tonal language merge with the characteristics of the other styles. (...) When the musicians then let the original shine forth again, masterfully organic, it is as if one had never heard the music in such beauty. It would be absurd to deny the musical and interpretative sense of style of these virtuosos. On the contrary, they redefine it.«


#freebrahms was supported by Le Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg, PODIUM Esslingen and the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.