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A year of growing together

#burntolearn is something very special to Stegreif: a creative oasis, a place to try things out and to experiment. This is because,within the framework of this project, the orchestra members can join together to work on themselves.

Stegreif's concerts require extraordinary skills in different areas from all the musicians involved: in the interpretation of classical works and the necessary technical brilliance on the instrument; in improvisation in different styles such as jazz, Latin or baroque; in composition to adapt the works and to integrate other musical genres; and last but not least, in bodywork, performance and dance to implement the movement concepts. Our musicians have different artistic backgrounds: each member has their strengths, which they bring to the ensemble, but also their weaknesses, in which they can learn from the other members.

DIE ZEIT, 21.01.2019

»Because they know exactly what they are doing.«

#burntolearn is the burning desire for further development, for growing together: For one year, the musicians can learn from each other and from external lecturers. In several labs, Stegreif’s four pillars –  improvisation & groove, composition & arrangement, performance, and interpretation – are all approached in a structured manner and professionally trained in order to strengthen Stegreif's defining characteristics in the long term.

The results of the labs are presented at the #improFest.


Artistic Director
Anne-Sophie Bereuter
Juri de Marco
Lorenz Blaumer

Project manager
Lorina Strange, 01.11.2020

»Such young people with such amazing talent, it gives hope for the future, it inspires the audience.«


#burntolearn is funded within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR Ensembleförderung by: Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.